Become the Valley's go-to... Celebrate your local area !!!
The mission : give the OTCAVV (Villé Valley Tourist Board) region a unique and playful twist and make tourism all about bringing people together. 

Just one goal : showcase the Villé Valley in Alsace, the Grand Est region and all over France ! 
Join the welcome committee and share in visitors' passions and hobbies with get-togethers run by the Tourist Board. Ambassadors are integral to the "participatory tourism" model.

All too often we're so used to where we live that we take our local gems for granted... That's why we encourage you, Villé Valley-dwellers, to become ambassadors for everything our glorious region has to offer.
So, what is an ambassador ?
An ambassador is no spectator; an ambassador is proud and passionate about the valley and gets stuck into showcasing everything the Villé Valley has going for it.
It means talking about the valley and getting people talking about it, sharing the valley's news, promoting it to the people you know and showing your friends, family and visitors around the region when they visit you.
Who better than the people who live and breathe the Villé Valley to talk about it ? The best ambassador for the Villé Valley is you ! 

Whether or not you live in the Villé Valley, you may have a love for the region and want to share your passion among the people you know. If you fancy giving it a go then welcome on board !
How do you become an ambassador ? 

If you're willing, proud and love the Valley and you want to celebrate everything your region has to offer, become an "Ambassador" ! Ambassadors are born and bred or adopted Villé Valley-dwellers with all kinds of backgrounds. They live or work in the valley, France or overseas. They have deep roots in the valley and want to be part of promoting and celebrating everything it has to offer.
Why become an ambassador ? 

(Re)visit the valley's wonders, be the first to hear the latest from the Tourist Board and its partners, feel your heart race when you talk about the valley, make your friends and family want to come... and keep coming back for more! Meet other ambassadors and make new friends! 

Contact us to join the Villé Valley Ambassadors !
There's nothing better than a break in the Villé Valley if you want to spend your holiday in unspoilt and leafy natural surroundings ! You won't be able to resist the peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city. No matter the season, the Villé Valley's unspoilt forests, diverse flora and fauna and fabulous views will take your breath away.