If you love long hikes and bike rides then you'll adore Villé Valley. Recharge your batteries, soak up the peace and quiet and awaken your senses. There's a wide variety of routes to choose from : from athletes and experienced hikers to novices on a mountain break experiencing outdoor adventures.
Go on, visit your kind of destination in the great outdoors !
Exploring the Villé Valley on foot means uncovering what our forests have to offer : incredible flora and fauna, fabulous views, relaxing experiences and encounters along the footpaths. The Club Vosgien signage provides all kinds of trails be they loops or just walks to suit your mood. It's a well-known fact that walking gives you wings so let's take flight to the ultimate destination : the great outdoors!
If you like a leisurely stroll, the Chemins du Patrimoine heritage footpaths introduce you to the destination as you walk and give you an insight into local history and traditions. The 7 heritage footpaths in the valley teach you about our vibrant villages. There are information panels and a symbol to guide you on each of these walks. These lovely walks have a variety of themes :
  • Albé : unique village architecture and mountain vineyard
  • Dieffenbach-au-Val : marshland flora and fauna
  • Fouchy : bygone woodworking trades
  • Thanvillé/Saint Pierre Bois : valley history
  • Breitenbach/Maisonsgoutte/Saint Martin : distillation in the valley
  • Urbeis : mining tools and heritage
  • Villé : the market town's textile and hydraulics heritage.
Your turn to play !

If you fancy a trip to Dieffenbach-au-Val then bring your boots and magnifying glass along so you can get up close and personal with the pondlife.