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The village of Albé is famous for its wine as it's the only place in Villé Valley to make its own Alsace wine (Pinot Noir AOC). The vineyards stand on steep sun-drenched slopes. It's classed as a mountain vineyard as some plantations are at an altitude of 500m. The village's winemaking tradition is encapsulated by incredible archictecture. Alsatian, Vosges and winemaker's houses stand together making it the prettiest village in the valley.
Step into one of our winemakers' cellars and sample Alsace's best-known and most delicious grape varieties.
Place du Tilleul
The village's historical heart beats beneath this lime tree. The lime tree was planted in March 1795, has changed nationality 5 times and lived through 13 different political systems. It's a real Liberty Tree. And a real symbol for the village !
Traditional half-timbered house
This is quite an unusual house in the village. The impressive house was built in 1687 and is the perfect epitome of an Alsatian home with a stone ground floor housing the cellar on one side and the stable on the other. The half-timbered first floor is adorned with decoratives features and the "Stub" window that was in the house's main room, the dining room. With this in mind, it took pride of place with street views and the best window.
Locals have called this impressive building the "Schloessel" or castle. It is an external sign of the owners' wealth. It stands out for impressive architectural features for the time (the house dates back to 1726) such as a two-storey oriel window, sculpted medallions and a triangular pediment. A house to feast your eyes on.
Did you know ?
The little village of Albé is home to a mountain aerodrome. It was built by a wealthy businessman in the private sector and is still working today !