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The valley has been famous far beyond its borders for distilling brandy and it has been for years. Distillation was first mentioned in writing in 1751. There are still heritage distillers working in Villé Valley and showcasing their age-old expertise. Eau-de-vie or brandy is usually served as an after-dinner drink and makes a subtle addition to sorbets, cocktails and sauces. There are thousands of ways to indulge in the elegance of brandy and spirits. 
As one of our distillers puts it, "distillation is extracting the soul of the fruit." The standard of a brandy obviously depends on the standard of the fruit as well as the care that goes into fermentation (the fruit's sugar is turned into alcohol). Distillers are real prodigies who elevate their brandy in whisky, rum, vodka or gin. Try the selection for yourself on a trip to one of our distilleries.